Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Sweet Peas Items available!!!

We have started Sweet Peas export from beginning of December and its quality is jumping up every week now...

Please note that following new color Sweet Peas are available from this week and ready to export from next week shipment.

Blown & Yellow items are dyed item and it shown very good sales in USA market last year.

Also original bicolor variety which grown in Miyazaki Prefecture 'Shikibu' is also available now.
This variety got Gold Medal at New variety contest IPM 2009 and it also very popular in New York on last season.

We highly appreciate your order shortly...

Brown Sweet Pea (Dyed)

Yellow Sweet Pea (Dyed)

Sweet Pea 'Maihime' (Limited in availability)
Sweet Pea 'Happy' -Hot Pink color

We have joined Rose Show in New York

We have joined 'Rose Show' in New York which handled by Harvest Wholesale on 14th December.

Harvest Wholesale is providing wide-range varieties of Roses to florists & floral designers in New York State and Connecticut State.

This Rose Show is held at LELABAR, very nice wine bar and 200 varieties of Roses have displayed in this show.

We also join this show and displayed some of special Japanese Roses and also some of Japanese exclusive flowers e.g. Gloriosa, Tweedia etc.

Show have opened for floral buyers until 7 pm then party time started from 7 pm. We exchanged information with many floral peoples in New York and it was so nice show for us to promote Japanese flowers...

LELABAR is my favorite place in NY and this bar provide very nice wines & foods suitable for wines. If you have a chance to visit NY, please visit there & enjoy wonderful wines!

422 Hudson Street (bet. Leroy &Morton).
New York, NY 10014
TEL: (212)206-0594

Japanese unusual Roses (La Campanela) was very interested by FD in NY

Unique Japanese spray Roses (Radish & Eclair) is getting popular in NY

Japanese Gloriosa & Tweedia, already popular items in NY

Beautiful Rose display on Bar counter!!!

Many floral designers joined to this event and enjoyed party time...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

NY buyer visit Japan's largest pot plants auction

Our New York buyers have visit to the Japan's largest pot plants auction 'Toyoake Kaki Co.,Ltd' nearby Nagoya.

Now they are trying to open market for Japanese pot orchids in New York and they spent impressive time at Toyoake Kaki.

They perfectly understood the beautifulness of Japanese pot orchids and now they are exciting to start trial shipment in December!

Japanese super beautiful Phalaenopsis

Japanese Cymbidiums are already popular in Asian market...

Scene of auction preparation

NY buyer stand at auction room

Enjoyed spicy chicken wing with Nagoya Style...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sweet Pea Farm visit with buyers from New York

We have visited to one of the best Sweet Pea growers in Miyazaki prefecture (in Kyuusyu Island, big island in the south Japan) with our important buyers in New York.

Japanese Sweet Peas well known as the world's best quality products in the world and its already available from December.

Now is beginning season of Sweet Peas in Japan and still limited in availability but from January, we expect that 50cm length with 4 flowers, the highest quality grade will be available.

Please feel the finest Japanese Sweet Peas by yourself!
Sweet Pea Grower & Buyers from New York

Sweet Pea Green House

Inside of Sweet Pea Green House, Very Clean!!!
Main Stem reaches 7 Meters!

Flowering Sweet Pea

Flower Buds of Sweet Peas