Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visit our information website for Exclusive Japanese Flowers

Dear Valued Customer,

Here we inform that we are providing information service on websites for our Exclusive Japanese flower items as follows,

-Sweet Peas


-Oxipetalum / Tweedia


You can get much information from above mentioned website e.g. variety line up, arrangement image, farm etc.

We hope these website will be helpful for your customers.

With best regards,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Japanese Summer Sweet Pea + Magazine in USA

Our Japanese Summer Sweet Pea designed by ZEZE, one of the most famous floral designer have introduced on VERANDA magazine in New York.

Now winter Sweet Pea is going to end of season but Summer Sweet Peas are all year round supply except for several weeks.

Japanese flower have introduced by The Washington Post

We donated our beautiful Japanese Flowers to MODA Botanica in Philadelphia, United State for their stand at Philadelphia Flower Show in 2010.

And their stand decorated with Many Kinds of Japanese flowers got many award e.g. 'Best in the Show' etc. And MODA Botanica's stand decorated with Japanese flowers have introduced on The Washington Post issued on March 4th.

During Philadelphia flower show, many floral designer visited MODA Botanica's stand and everybody surprised about beautifulness of Japanese flowers.

We trust that it was so nice promotion activity to show our flowers at Philadelphia Flower Show 2010, the oldest flower show in United State.

Pictures: Arrangement in Sea Container with Japanese Sweet Peas

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flora Culture International

Here we announce that we Bloom Japan Network have been agent of Flora Culture International Magazine in Japan.

Flora Culture International is the world's largest magazine for Floriculture Trade. We'll provide latest information to this magazine and also will be a contact person for advertisement for this magazine.

For More information of Flora Culture International Magazine, please visit official website,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Naniwa Flower Expo in New York have introduced by JETRO's Magazine 'Food & Agriculture'

Our Japanese flower promotion event in New York 'Naniwa FEX in NY' have introduced by JETRO's magazine.