Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Japanese Tree Peony is available now!

Daikon Island is located in north-east point of Tottori Prefecture. It is very small island with 4500 peoples population. History of tree Peony production is over 300 years and farmers in Daikon island have produced many own varieties. Now tree Peony produced in Daikon Islands is exporting to overseas market e.g. USA, Holland, Germany, Italy and Taiwan etc.

It takes a lot of year and special care to produce beautiful cut flower production after planting. And Japanese tree Peony regards as the most beautiful tree peony in both domestic and overseas market.

Now Japanese tree peony is just started production season. And we are ready to export these beautiful tree Peony from Daikon Island now.

Example of flower

Example of flower

Farm in Daikon Island

Scene of grading works for cut flower tree Peony
Grading & Packing facility for tree Peony in Daikon Island