Friday, August 28, 2009

The finest Japanese Lilium longiflorum varieties

Lilium longiflorum is Japanese origin flowers and we have over 100 years history for growing in Japan.

Hyogo prefecture is one of the famous production area in Japan and Japanese grower's association in Hyogo prefecuture 'JA Hyogo-ken Rokko Augo Branch' is one of key player of Lilium longiflorum supply in Japan well known as 'top quality supplier'.

They develop their own variety so called 'Augo' series which perform well even in so hot summer in Japan and we trust that Lilium longiflorum varieties from JA Hyogo-ken Rokko Augo' brings the satisfaction for customers of overseas buyers.

Let's feel the finest Japanese Lilium longiflorum varieies

Lilium Longiflorum 'Princess Augo'
Huge flower variety like as 'Casa Branca', long vaselife but price is reasonable than Casa Branca. 

Lilium Longiflorum 'Miss Augo'
Flowering to upper direction, beautiful shape flowers when opened.


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