Friday, November 20, 2009

Lindera citriodora Aomoji -Not Fruits, but looks like fruits... So beautuful!!!

Here we announce that 'Lindera citriodora Aomoji' is now available and ready to export from Japan.

'Lindera citriodora Aomoji' is traditional cut green item in Japan and we had good sales in USA on last season.

Bunch is covered with so many flower buds, looks like a fruits, and everybody misunderstood as fruits at beginning...

Cut greens with fruits are prohibited to import in many countries according to PQ regulations but this item is easy to import because it is not fruits!

Of course, buds of 'Lindera citriodora Aomoji' will be opened slowly.

Please feel the beautiful 'Lindera citriodora Aomoji' with so many beautiful flower buds which makes difference on your arrangement.

This item is seasonal item in winter, limited in availability.

We look forward to receive your order soon...

Bunches of Aomoji

Close up picture of flower buds
Looks like fruits!

Flower buds also open slowly

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