Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seasonal best seller Japanese flowers for export

We are enjoying beautiful summer in Japan also enjoying beautiful summer flowers too!

Japanese Gentian is traditional summer flower in Japan and here in Japan is world's largest breeding country for Gentian Hybrid.

Thanks to Japan's world highest technology on Gentian breeding and production, Japanese Gentian cut flowers are flying to overseas countries e.g. USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and EU etc...

Let's feel beautifulness of Japanese Gentian on our special website for Japanese Gentian now!

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Japanese Gentian 'Ashiro Series'

Also please don't forget world's finest quality Japanese Lisianthus / Eustoma. Japan is the largest Lisianthus breeding country in the world and Japanese glowers are always producing latest varieties, not grown in overseas. 

Japanese Lisianthus / Eustoma cut flower is really special, number of flower buds per stem is strictly controlled by Japanese growers which brings much beautiful & bigger flowers with ultimate long lasting. 

Our US customers very surprised about longness of vaselife, they amazed about longness of vaselife as they realize that Japanese Lisianthus / Eustoma cut flowers kept their life more than 3 weeks!

Please also feel beautifulness of Japanese Lisianthus / Eustoma on our special website for Japanese Lisianthus / Eustoma now!

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Japanese Lisianthus flower, so huge!!!