Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Check your Japanese flower purchase last year and buy more varieties this year!

Dear Valued Customer in New York

Spring have come in Japan and now we are in season of changing Japanese flower products in our market. And following two key items in winter sales is now going to end of season.

1. Sweet Peas

  Sweet Peas which was huge sales is going to end of season and now we can only supply from Hokkaido Island. It means available number of varieties is now quite limited. But you can get several colors and also stem cut Lathyrus odoratus too. So please keep trying to place order Sweet Peas from Hokkaido, the north island in Japan.

2. Ranunculus

  Japanese Ranunculs is also going to end of season and now quite limited varieties are available. It will re-start season around November 2011. Thank you very much for choosing Japanese Ranunculus!

3.TOP 30 Japanese flower varieties on last year export to New York in Spring

  Just for your information, here we listed top 30 Japanese varieties which you purchased in April & May 2010. We have shipped 161 varieties in April 2010 and 111 varieties in May 2010.

 In this year, we are offering over double number of beautiful Japanese flower varieties compare to last year.  So please try much number of varieties this year and provide information to your customers.  Now we are offering 300-400 varieties every week this year in stead of 100 - 150 items last year.

3.Better Japanese Yen Currency exchange rate in 6 months

  Now Japanese YEN currency rate vs USD is back to one of the better rate in past 6 months. It helps a lot on your purchase budget for Japanese flowers! 

Chart for JPY/USD currency rate in past 6 month     

5.Radioactive pollution rumors 

  Now many  TV and News Papers are reporting about Japan's nuclear power plant crisis every day but please do not think too much. We are not selected flowers for export from radioactive contaminated area. And Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries (MAFF) announced officially that all Japanese flowers which is dealing at flower auction is now keeping in normal radioactive level. So please do not worry about radioactive contamination on our Japanese flowers!

If you have any questions, please contact with Flower office at Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (TEL +81-3-3593-6496 ). Also public comments in English about radioactive safety on Japanese flowers will be released by MAFF soon...

Announcement about Radioactive safety on Japanese flowers
by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

5.Pictures for weekly offer flowers are available

  Now we are in process of big change on our Japanese flower offer due to season change to Spring. But now worry, pictures for all items on our weekly offer are available at following website. We update pictures on every Tuesday night in JST. Please introduce following URL to your customers so that you can got more inquiry requests from your customers!

Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to get your larger order this spring compare to last year!

With best regards,

Naniwa Flower Auction Export Team / Bloom Japan Network

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